Probation Revocations

Whether you are on probation for a felony or misdemeanor, or whether you have a suspended imposition of sentence (SIS) or a suspended execution of sentence (SES), it is important to consult with an attorney if you are facing a probation violation. In many cases, you will have to attend court for a probation revocation hearing, at which time a judge could revoke your probation and either execute your sentence (if an SES) or sentence you (if an SIS). In either scenario, you want to avoid the execution of a sentence and avoid a conviction on your record.
Although the burden of proof at a probation revocation hearing is less stringent than a criminal trial (i.e., beyond a reasonable doubt), there are still ways to challenge your alleged probation violation. Defendants should investigate the case and evaluate all options. If you violated probation, contact a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney who handles probation revocations to negotiate the best possible deal with the prosecution. They could possibly keep a judge from executing your sentence or from convicting you.

Sex Offenses

Sex crimes are some of the most damaging charges in Missouri, as in many states. Not only are they serious accusations that carry significant punishments (i.e., possible fines and imprisonment), but also they can have long-lasting effects, such as having to register as a sex offender for life. Missouri categorizes their sex charges into various categories such as forcible rape, forcible sodomy, statutory rape, statutory sodomy, sexual assault, sexual misconduct, sexual abuse, and child molestation. If you are charged with a sex offense in Missouri, it is extremely important to consult with a sex crimes attorney regarding your charge.

Divorce (Dissolution) and Annulment

We work closely with men and women throughout the divorce process (also known as marriage dissolution). We help people file for divorce, file for modification of a divorce decree, and help enforce a final divorce decree. We handle all matters related to dissolution including child custody, visitation, child support, alimony or spousal maintenance, and the equitable division of marital property. We also handle client’s annulments which are rarer than divorces but may be an option in the right circumstances.

We aggressively pursue our family law clients' goals. In contested divorces, we will negotiate with the other party and attempt to reach a settlement that is tailored to our clients' goals. If the negotiated settlement is unsatisfactory to our client or if agreement cannot be reached, we will enforce our client’s rights under Missouri law at trial. In non-contested divorces, we provide the same knowledge and service to our clients at a substantially lower rate.

Child Custody

​​Children are one of the most important things in our lives. Accordingly, when courts are going to determine custody rights, or parental rights, it is imperative to hire a child custody lawyer who knows child custody law and how it is practiced. Child custody attorneys will be able to explain the difference between physical and legal custody, to describe the role and importance of a guardian ad litem (GAL), and most importantly, to assess what is in the best interests of the child.

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Criminal Law

When people face criminal charges, it feels like a huge burden. The thought of jail or prison is daunting, and arrests can be embarrassing. There are also other possible consequences, such as having a conviction on your record, fines, losing driving privileges, property forfeiture, or losing a job. However, regardless of whether the charges are misdemeanors or felonies, we can protect your constitutional rights and ease the burden. Our goal is to see the criminal charges are dropped when appropriate or to obtain a plea offer that is suitable for our client or obtain a not guilty verdict at trial. If you are arrested or charged with a crime, call us immediately so we may advise you of your rights and take the proper steps to bring about the best possible outcome.


When people are charged with driving under the influence (DUI) or driving while intoxicated (DWI), it is a challenging time for the person charged, as well as his or her family and friends. This charge sometimes results in embarrassment, and the defendants just want the case to be over. Before making a hasty decision to plead guilty to be done with it, you should ensure that prosecutors can prove you committed the crime. We handle all DWI-related issues including administrative hearings for driver’s licenses and criminal proceedings.
Breath or Blood Test Refusal
Nearly every instance in which a DWI charge results, police officers request the drivers to submit to a blood or breath test. The decision to submit is difficult and has consequences for both refusing and consenting (if the resulting BAC is over or near the limit). For instance, when drivers refuse, generally, they lose their driver's license to a 1 year revocation under Missouri's Implied Consent law. Missouri DWI law is extremely complex, and there are ways to challenge the driver's license revocation. To revoke a license for a refusal, drivers must have been arrested (or stopped if they were under 21), the police officer conducting the traffic stop must have had reasonable grounds to believe the driver was operating a motor vehicle in an intoxicated condition, and drivers must refuse the test. There are several factors that weigh into determining whether those elements are satisfied. We know how important your driver's license is to your livelihood and will evaluate whether a license revocation is proper. 
Limited Driving Privilege / Hardship License
When drivers have a revoked or suspended license, the inability to drive can be tough. When drivers are charged with DUI/DWI, they risk losing their license for a certain period of time. If drivers have two DUI/DWI-related convictions within five years, they lose their license for five years (i.e., a five-year denial). If drivers have more than two DUI/DWI-related convictions, they lose their license for ten years (i.e., a ten-year denial).
License suspensions, revocations, and denials make things look grim, but drivers are not always out of options. They may be eligible for a limited driving privilege -- otherwise known as a hardship license. Courts can grant these in various situations if specific criteria are satisfied. 

Protection Orders

Harassment, stalking, and abuse occur frequently throughout many communities. One way to help stop these occurrences is to file for an ex-parte order preventing another person or persons from continuing the inappropriate behavior. If the court grants an ex-parte order, the court will subsequently hold a hearing to determine whether it should enter a full order of protection. Under Missouri law, adults can file for an order of protection against other adults, in which case it is an adult abuse action, and adults can also file on behalf of children against other persons, in which case it is a child protection order action.
Filing an ex-parte can be done without an attorney, but it is advisable to get a lawyer because they know order of protection law and specifically the actions that need to be pleaded to succeed on an ex-parte petition. If the Court holds a hearing on the matter, an attorney should be strongly considered because they know what to prove to succeed and, equally important, the rules of evidence. When people proceed without knowledge of the rules of evidence, it is quite possible evidence that should not be heard will come into evidence because it is not objected to.
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Estate Planning and Administration

We are committed to giving you the appropriate knowledge to best distribute your legacy in a way to meet your goals while avoiding unnecessary tax burdens. Whether you need help determining what estate planning tools best suit your needs or you are involved in the administration of an estate, please consider consulting with an estate planning attorney about your options.

Contract Negotiations

Let us help you make sure you get what you believe you are contracting for. Getting legal advice before signing a contract might prove to provide substantial savings in legal advice costs in the future and provide you with peace of mind in the present. Contact us today to discuss your contract negotiation goals.

Minor in Possession

Under Missouri law, possession of alcohol by a person under the age of 21 is a misdemeanor offense. Minor in possession charges are frustrating and should not be taken lightly. For example, a driver's license suspension is possible. Another critical aspect of the charge is how it will impact minors' futures -- specifically with future employers and job prospects. Please contact our office so we may adequately advise you of your rights and help you determine what course of action is in your best interests. We can also help defend charges of sale or distribution to a minor.

Drug Charges

If you are charged with violating Missouri drug laws including possession, manufacturing, sale/distribution, or trafficking controlled substances such as methamphetamine, cocaine, heroin, prescription drugs, or marijuana possession, it is important to have an attorney evaluate the case to obtain the best possible outcome for your situation.

Workers' Compensation and Personal Injury

​​Injuries can occur in almost any environment. We have years of experience handling cases involving injuries to the neck, back, knees, shoulders, head, hands, feet, and everywhere between. We use our experience to ensure appropriate compensation is provided for injured employees.


​If you suffer an injury through no fault of your own, the first and most important course of action is to receive the treatment and care that you need for your injuries.  Often, the thought of protecting your legal right to compensation may be overwhelming and confusing. If you or a loved one has sustained an injury due to the negligence or wanton behavior of another, you can receive much needed help and assistance from a personal injury lawyer.

Injuries in Missouri Workers’ Compensation are often the result of a workplace accident but injuries from repetitive motion including carpal tunnel syndrome also provide injured employees compensation. Please contact our office for a free consultation to discuss your options. Missouri laws regarding workers’ compensation have recently changed making it even more important to determine your potential solutions sooner rather than later.

Business Law

Whether you are just starting up, looking to expand, need help with contract negotiations, or wish to legally dissolve, the Lintner Law Firm is ready to help you meet your business goals. Consulting with an attorney can help you securely achieve your business goals while avoiding potential pitfalls.

Property and Theft Crimes

Property and theft crimes include a wide range of offenses, such as stealing, receiving stolen property, forgery, passing a bad check, burglary, and robbery. These crimes can be misdemeanors or felonies, and thus, can have a wide range of consequences. The crimes also have similarities, so it is important to ensure that you were charged with the proper crime. Therefore, you should consult with a property crimes or theft crimes attorney to evaluate your case.


​​The benefits of filing paternity actions are often underrated. When children are born to parents out of wedlock, fathers do not have any custody rights (whether or not the father is listed on the child’s birth certificate). Similarly, mothers may not have rights to child support without a paternity action. Sometimes mothers may receive orders that an alleged father must pay child support, even though the alleged father is not actually the biological father. In these scenarios, paternity actions can help to establish and obtain custody rights, receive a child support order, or show that an alleged father is not the biological father to eliminate a child support obligation.

Assault and Domestic Assault

Assault and domestic assault charges can be frustrating and embarrassing, partially because they often involve family members or friends. Whether they are the result of a night at a bar or an argument between significant others, most people wish the assault charges went away. Hiring the right attorney can help the matter come to an efficient resolution.
Additionally, assault charges that arise from domestic violence or domestic abuse also add stress to the relationship. Dealing with the charges takes time, costs money, and takes an emotional toll on you. Cumulatively, these burdens wear on the relationships and disrupt peaceful families. Contact a domestic assault attorney to help ease the stress of the charges.

In Missouri, forgery is a class C felony. Punishment can include a fine and significant prison time. Burglary and robbery are two of the most serious stealing-related crimes under Missouri law. For example, first degree robbery is a class A felony, which can result in life in prison. If you are charged with burglary or robbery, it is extremely important to contact an attorney immediately. Missouri's stealing laws are complex and vary between misdemeanors and different degrees of felonies -- that means that the possible punishments range from fines to significant prison time. Also, determining the value of the allegedly stolen items is not a precise process and should be evaluated. Passing a bad check in Missouri also varies between either a misdemeanor or a felony depending on the amount of the check(s) or circumstances related to the drawee. Anyone charged with one of these property and theft crimes should contact a knowledgeable attorney who will evaluate the case, advise you of your rights, and work the case to get the charges dismissed, negotiate a reasonable plea bargain deal, or obtain a favorable verdict at trial.

Driving While Suspended or Revoked

Driving while suspended (DWS) and driving while revoked (DWR) charges are serious traffic violations because they can result in a driver's license suspension or revocation for a significant amount of time. Police will issue these tickets when drivers are driving on a suspended license or driving with a revoked license. It is important to contact a traffic ticket attorney to discuss the law and how it pertains to your situation.

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